Order Placed for LaCie Mobile Hard Drive

I just (finally) placed my order for the LaCie 100 GB Mobile Hard Drive. I’m down to about 4 GB of space on my iBook hard disk and have had to move all my MP3 files off of it and onto my Windows machine, temporarily. ZipZoonFly was the cheapest price I found at $223.00 USD with free two-day FedEx shipping.

I agonized over the purchase for the last couple of months, because spending $200+ for a hard drive does not come lightly to me. I wanted to be sure that I had the one that I wanted, and I wanted the best one I could find that wouldn’t go over $200. I decided to purchase this one after reading a review on CNet that gave it a rating of 8.0 (”Excellent”), and compared its speed to that of one of the fastest desktop external hard drives on the market that runs at 7200 RPM. Given the speed of this drive (5400 RPM), it should be able to run an installation of OS X, something I’m considering installing onto it just in case my iBook drive suddenly dies. Mainly, though, I want the external drive to store my music, pictures, some video and my most recent iBook hard disk backup, which is now being stored on my Windows machine.

I also decided to get the 100 GB model, instead of the 80 GB model, mainly because the price was so close to the $200 price limit that I set for myself. Once I get the drive, I’ll test it out for a few weeks and write a review.

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